Lust Affect _v0.991

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Adult game:Lust Affect _v0.991

Descripsion:Lust Affect APK Download Changelog v0.991:
The reputation system is completely redone. Now you only have renegade points. In my opinion, Sixth looks ridiculous in the form of a Hero.
Many minor bugs fixed.

I redid the sex animation with the leader of the marauders. It was creepy before. There are still some animations that I don’t like, and I want to redo them.
Changed the background of the cargo bay.
Console commands:
Lust Affect Cheats
ren=100 -Renegade
par=100 -Paragon
mon=50000 -Money
ez=10000 -Ezo


samara_otn = xxx
tali_otn = xxx
susi_otn = xxx (susie = EDI)
miranda_otn = xxx
liara_otn = xxx
jack_otn = xxx
aria_otn = xxx
garrus_otn = xxx
joker_otn = xxx
ashley_otn = xxx
kasumi_otn = xxx
diana_otn = xxx
samantha_otn = xxx
grunt_otn = xxx
xxx being the number

File info:
File type -application /apps
Version: 0.991a
Language: English, Russian
File size:366MB

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