The Proteus Effect v0.6.1

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Game name:The Proteus Effect v0.6.1


The Proteus Effect is a lighthearted roleplaying adventure game where you take on the role of a down-on-his-luck guy who lands the job of his dreams as a playtester at a virtual-reality game company. Things don’t turn out quite as he plans, however, and he soon finds himself both trapped in the virtual world and stuck in the body of a nubile young woman.

Join the hero and his companions on their adventures through the fantasy-themed worlds as they try to figure out what’s behind the game’s strange malfunctions and ultimately find a way back home.

This is an adult game, of course, so it includes sexy content, and much more is on the way. So come on and play! You’ll have a titillating time, you might enjoy the story, and there’s an outside chance you might learn some things about yourself along the way!

Updated: 26-Aug-2018
Developer/Publisher: Proxxie
Censorship: None
Version: 0.6.1
Language: English


Resolved issue that could result in player being stuck shortly after meeting the Bunnies by the dungeonMade Human Registration Card equippable (by Ana)Resolved issue that could cause unexpected Game Over after minibossParty members should no longer leave unexpectedly in Jovi’s imp quest areaGlowfrog and Jovi’s imp quests should behave more sensiblyHospital behaves as expected when re-entering after completing quest(Maybe?) Resolved issue that could cause post-hospital event to behave unexpectedlyFixed bugs in the party changing sequence outside of dungeonChanged the way saves are handled on mac OS

File information:

File type:apps

File size:175.1MB


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