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Saturday, December 15, 2018

How to Solve apps parse error

How to Solve apps parse error,when you go to install apps.

Reason of this problem: Your android version is low. suppose your android version is 4.2. So You can not generally use android version 7 supported apps. For this reason when you go to install some apps ,that show perse error.

What there have any way to use large android version (android 5/6/7+) supported apps on low version (-4/5/6/7) android:

Yes ,it is possible. You just need change apps sdk supported menu.

How to solve it:

Carefully follow below text and image to solve it

1-Download apk editor pro apps from below link

2-After download ,install the apps

3-After installing ,open the app

4-Then Click on Select an apk file

5-select the apps that you want edit or that show parse errors

6-Then open The apps

7-After open click full edit(Resource Re-Build) Option,like below image.

8-Then click/select decode All Files;Like below image.

9- Then click Manifest Option,like below photo.

10-Then find SDK option where.After Finding it Click on there.

11-Then below type option will open.You need change it.

12-Type upper table 10  And below table 14 like below image .That means it supported android 4.2+ version.

After that click save button

13-Then click Build button.

14-Then apps will be start rebuild

You need wait there,because it take some time.

15-After complete it ,click install button.Or you find that apps also your file manager Apk editor folder.

16-Then it will supported on your devise

If any problem occers/happen comment please,I will help you.

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