Summertime Saga v0.17.5 (Update)

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Adult game:Summertime Saga v0.17.5


Summertime Saga is an adult game made by: DarkCookie (Art, Story, Design & Dialogue), NhKPaNdA (Lead Code), Hurfy (Code & Posing), Catbug (Dialogue & Posing), AoiichiNiiSan (Music & SFX), FL22 (Server side & Website) and sam9 (Stream, Discord & Awesomo’s daddy).

Set in a small suburban town, a young man finishing up High school and soon enlisting into College is struck by the death of his father. Mysterious circumstances surrounding the death are only the beginning of his problems as he learns that his family is in debt to a group of shady criminals. Adding to the list of problems, our young hero needs to save enough money before his College semester begins and find a date for prom night!
Summertime Saga is wholly supported by generous donations on Patreon. Please give us a bit of your loose change if you have any to spare!

Changelog (0.17.5):
New Features:
Earn interests weekly on your savings at the Bank! Interest rate is 3%Beach House price has been reduced to $5000Santa riding the streets of SummervilleUpdated the Cookie JarNew quests and cutscenesNew holiday decorationsCupid store interface improved with new itemsAdded time skipping functionality to all front yards (direct children of the map, including MC’s bedroom)2 new achievements to unlock (they are secret achievements) Added a toggle for save locking (if you really want to load an earlier save file)
– This is on by default, which means it will prevent you from loading an earlier save
– This has no menu option (that is intentional)
– To disable savegame locking, set persistent.enable_save_locking to False

Rework of the codebase:
New Martinez character art and rigNew Consuela character art and rigAdded label notification (enable from the debug menu – General) for debugging purposesAdded night version of the treehouse wood pile, the scroll at the hill and the stick at the hill.

New Characters:
Meet Consuela Martinez, on Thursdays at the Beach HouseRemember that odd item from Diane’s barn? You should start investigating

New sex scenes:
One new sex scene (2 angles and animations)

Bug Fixes:

Fixed save resetting when taking the Pregnax pills.Fixed Diane being in the shed when entering for paint.Fixed being able to check the school’s lockers at night.Pregnancies are now in sequence (and not in parallel). This is to still be able to see each character at the hospital, even if they get pregnant on the same dayAdded missing lewd Diane closeup (drunk on her bed)Fixed being able to start the school delivery (Diane quest) on the weekend.Fixed Tony meeting you for the first time twice.Fixed “Debbie’s sleeping” dialogue triggering when Debbie isn’t in her room for one reason or another.Fixed incorrect button usage during Diane’s evening visit (in Diane’s story, not Debbie’s)Fixed hill tree screen not hidingFixed Diane’s outfit being the wrong one during the pie quest.Fixed Day 0 Sleep issue.Fixed being able to exit the stolen goods screen without taking the keyFixed daytime scene on using the workshop in the garage when it’s night time.Fixed time going back one tick if saving right after manually ticking time on the map/bedroom/etcFixed a bug that would trigger a night scene during daytime when entering the bedroom after watching a movie with Debbie for the second time.Fixed a bug which caused Mia to lock you out of your sleepFixed a bug that caused Diane to never see you jack it.Fixed an issue that caused Debbie to be forever naked by the pool, if you slept before bringing her a towel.Fixed being able to craft the glue for Dewitt at night timeFixed the game.timer.image() function. It now displays images correctly regardless of period (Christmas, Halloween, …), time of day and extra information.

Games play:

Sister’s Computer: BAD MONSTER
Porn Channel Sub: L6bv12R
Porn Channel Pass: 12345

File information:

File size: 711.5MB

File types:application


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Click below button to download game cache(if you want)

Game cache size:11MB

How to install game cache

Go to your File Manager and navigate your Download folder.
Find the gamecache file and tap long press the file and tap the menu in your phone and tap Extract or Decompressed.
After Extract or Decompressed the file, Copy the folder that start in com. and paste to Android/OBB folder or Android/Data. you can see in Download orange button above where to put the cache file
You can now Install the apk and open it.
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