The Last Barbarian v0.21

The Last Barbarian v0.21 free download

"The Last Barbarian" happen in a fictional N"ul-radius, which is immersed that in darkness and debauchery after the arrival of the ancient goddess. He gives all to those he wants most. But he distorts all the desires and therefore the entire world gets entangled in perversity and violence. Everything around is nurtured by sexual energy.
The hero of the game woke up in the dungeon after fighting with the orgy in his village. It is the last barberianfram, a tribe of local Amazon. They never presented to anyone and only gave importance to their freedom and love. But now he is inspired by the desire to take revenge and revive his tribe.

All monster figures are there (will be improved)
Gold drops out monsters (regardless of monster type)
The first mini boss is added - the troll
The city of the deviant is open
The bank is added. Now the money earned in war can be saved
Brothell is added. (This location will be improved). Here's a health renewal and can earn money
Noria's Tavern - Have a sleep and have the opportunity to renew the health without the risk of being attacked
City Hall has been added (a deviant can buy documents to enter the city)
New character - Hugh

Fixed some bugs



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File size:571.7MB

File type:software

Supported in :All Windows
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