Twists of My Life v0.97.02

Twists of My Life v0.97.02 Adult  Game free Download

You are a student of a law school "N" in the city.
You live a normal life, study, meet different people and etc.
In essence, you do what most people of your age do.
At a certain time, you take yourself into problems that need to move forward, and so the story begins.
I work hard on the character of the characters and the emotional part of the relationship between people.
The main character's sexual life has not been left behind. All the scenes have been written in a bright, vibrant way and have been strengthened by a good graphics.
You will meet different characters in the game.

I try to make everybody special from my personality, habits, not the different models of DAZ.

*Helena’s branch hot fix (04.12.2018).
* If you follow Helena’s branch, it’s highly recommended to load a save that was made before sex in spa-salon.
*This update continues Helena and Alanna’s branches. Helena’s story is about to be finished while Alanna’s story is 2/3 finished.
* In this update I’ve applied a new method of creating sex scenes. I’ve been receiving messages in discord for a while on how to make these scenes better but so far, I couldn’t do anything due to GPU and time limitations. Now when I have a new GPU and rendering time is way faster, I can do more renders and animations thus I can add more interaction to sex scenes.
* As I’ve already said, the 0.95 update contains 310 new renders, 13 animations and about 9.5k of words.
What you'll see in this update:
Alana's branch is almost finished. It has a number of different possible scenarios;
- The possibility of meeting with Irene again with a different end;

- Some other secondary endings were added.

Game size:1.16GB


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