Vengeance v0.3[Chapter-1]

Vengeance v0.3[Chapter-1] free download



The title of this game says everything. In Vengeance you play the male protagonist. You go back to your homeland from Shaolin Monastery in China and you know that your mother's best friend (Aunt Kendra) is alone and has Traficos, a dangerous Mafia. Who is responsible for the death of your Parents, but once you meet your Aunt, you learn that your Aunt's husband and daughter have been killed too. But then you find out that your mother and aunt's daughter might live but somewhere far away. So join Kendra and lead the road to Vengeance and various Inventions in this Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama and Erotic game.

Developer/Publisher: Nikois
Language: English 
Genre: 3dcg, big ass, big tits, male protagonist, milf etc.


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File size:255.04MB

File type:apps 
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