Big Brother:FanRemake v.0.08(Update)

Now in certain places to save (2 slots the page 0)
Phone added button to hide the interface

Changes and fixes

Updated the “Porn Studio" New locations are addeded
Translation to English is done from scratch through Vandex Translator

Fixed bug with transition days weeks after sex with Kira at the Hotel

a Fixed a bug with the phone When passing events in the school.

if instead of Writing a SMS in the hallway, I decided to write from the lobby it was not possible
to remove the phone.

Applied fixes coming after the release of version 0 06:

again fixed a bug With getting the WiFi password

 reduced the number of required shots to start the new event With Aunt Kira from 25 to T 5
phone added a translucent black background When choosing a response or action

Version 0.08:
Innovation and added:
- Updated
You can move around the mall, add new locations and arrows in the interface.
- An event was added to the maximum.
- The incident involving mother, Lisa and Olivia.
- A new clothes shop and added events with it.
- Added a new opportunity to earn money. Work in the mall.
- 5 achievements added.

Changes and improvements:
- Fixed minor bugs and errors in text
- Made some changes to the script
- Fixed a bug with Lisa's night's insistence.
- The phone will now display the feelings of characters.
- Change language with single tap. You can change language through: Home button, settings, phone
- The desktop interface of the laptop has a little changed.
- You do not need to enter WiFi password on Android.
- To call the Quick menu on Android, you have to click at the top of the screen.
- Converted interface and SMS code.
- Olivia to come home at night, you need to talk to Lisa or write.
- Random event, Peeping, DS (Alice, Lisa and Olivia) and Richman are available in the joint and mall
- Built-in redesigned interface and shopping system.
The game was created based on code from my lovely roommate.

- Redo the schedule in the phone.
Apk info:

App name.         --------- Big brother v.0.8

App size.            --------- 274 MB

App language    --------- English and more

Click download button to download

How to download
1-Click download option
2-Then open a link and wait 5 second
3-after waiting click on skip ads
4-Then automatically link will open

Note:You must have mega apk to easy download
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