Cure My Addiction v0.2.2(PC)

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Cure My Addiction v0.2.2 new update free download

Since your parents were aware that you are taking a lot of time to watch porn, so they decided to take action and do something about it.
Finally, they come to the conclusion of sending you on your Uncle Boat without a phone, TV and computer. You are not sure what happened, you have not seen your uncle for many years, your mother and seldom talk to each other.

Apparently, a few years ago he became a millionaire and has been living a wonderful life since then. He married Rachel and has two daughters: Clo and Emily The oldest, Emily, was born from the last relationship, I never saw her father. My uncle adopted Chloe a few months after marrying Rachel.

Once on board you will have to follow the new rules to stay on the boat and you will learn that they are the result of breaking. When you notice only stunning women on the board, you see an opportunity to leave the porn for something better! How would you achieve your goal? It is up to you.

Improved progress tracking system
Added tooltip when hovering over a star.
You can see what you can do and what you need to do to unlock the event.
GUI has been slightly improved.
If you disabled femdom, the femdom content is not taken into account when tracking the percentage of progression (%).
Changes in mechanics

Having reached the first frontier, the MC can no longer have a public construction, and it is not needed for Rachel.
New dialogues related to the “Payback” event during the dinner.
New weekend activities.
Night visit: Rachel will no longer enter the MC room in the middle of the night. If the MC needs to be punished, you should talk to Rachel after lunch to get the punishment. If you do not talk to her, Rachel’s tolerance will not recover. This makes it easier to control the severity of the punishment, but if you never go to Rachel for the punishment, you are more likely to go beyond the game.
You can order some items by calling Mr. Elwell’s personal assistant.
When MC reads a book, several new dialogs appear.
Existing events with new content

Rachel's helping hands

Chloe workout
Help Emily
Chloe's new punishment (new action in favor)
Linda's visit
Midnight bath
Aunt is wrong
New events

Sister rivalry

Asking for this
Emily Exam
No longer so safe
Emily's second toy
?????? (I don't want to spoil this name, echo.)
Bug fixes and others
Various code improvements.
Fixed some missing renders.
Fixed several triggers (they did not block the progression)

Developer / Publisher: TheGary

Genre: 3dcg, main character, oral sex, vaginal sex, humiliation, male domination, spanking, BDSM, voyeurism, lesbian, anal sex, female domination, group sex, incest

swipe up&down to hide the ui
swipe right to start skipping of text
swipe left&right to open the game menu

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File type:software(Windows Supported)

File size: 241.9MB
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