Dark Magic v0.5 PC update

Dark Magic v0.5 PC update Download free 



*minor bugs,
*Extra work menu
*Airi corruption image
*location of Red place,

Removed ---->

* some unusual scene
*Item remove from shop that you bought already
*Book of shelf in your room that book you read
*Rebalanced item cost
Improved speed of some place
Bravery can be ignored little scenes if the character’s corruption is high enough.



Added ----->“Go Outside” option in your room menu,“Hang around” cut-scene images,More “What to do?” Help tips in the Living Room actions,3 more pages to the Book of Memory: Okemia, School, and Special Events,2 new places,Soul Corruption,Book of Memory events:
Added more events

How much added:

New render images added 769
3 new music
29 new loop videos.
Improved quality of render images.


--Fixed game missing Taka items.
– Fixed the problem of scene Yasuko’s 69 keep repeating.
– Added a Splash screen new.
– Changed the images in the introduction scene to look betterthan old.
– Extended the length of Christmas activities (+ Christmas Cum Party)added.
to be added....


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File size:1.19GB

File type:Software (Windows)
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