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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Eye of the Storm Chapter 1-7

Eye of the Storm Chapter 1-7  full game  Free Download

A group of college girls who flee to a mountain resort to avoid a terrible storm. The caretaker (you) must do everything he can to keep them safe from the storm, each other, and someone that may or may not be lurking outside in the woods (spoiler: yeah, he’s out there).​

Plot is even more mindbogglingly confusing now!

The storm has arrived and it’s bad enough to keep the ‘dark man’ at a distance, but that doesn’t stop the girls from fighting among themselves or the main character from watching over them (very closely). Meanwhile, a new visitor arrives to the mountain resort.

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File size: 301 MB(Compress)

File supported :Windows
New:Chapter 7 added


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