Good Girl Gone Bad v0.23 (apps update)

Good Girl Gone Bad  v0.23 android update Free download

Good girl gone bad,it a a adult android game.Here you play as Ashley and make choices that affect games character.Here every time you can choice option good or bad? There have lot of cherecter and element that attract your condition.

v0.22 Scene List
*Thug Ash aftermath

*Threesome with Eva and 



*Date with Eric/Dave

*Bonding with Dad

*Day at the office

*Jack’s offer

*Reflecting on life/ visiting the graveyard

v0.23 (new)
Break past relationships if jacks dating (at the end of v0.22)
After father's death / detox clinic
Billboard detection
Dave Sex / Cam Shows
Arthur Sex / Cam Shows
Iris and Arthur
Jack's date (lover)
Thug Ash / Improve Thug
Ash's story progression
Treatment with Arthur (if Ash had sex after Eric's funeral)
Arthur's visit (if in love



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