Legend of the Sunny Seas v0.02(PC)


Legend of the Sunny Seas v0.02(PC) free download

"Legend of the Sunny Seas" - is an adult 3D adventure game with RPG elements powered by Unreal Engine. You play as a young man named John Wake. With the desire of luck, you get your own ship and you have to recruit a crew, find colleagues and beat the evil in Sunny Peas.

As the most third-person RPG game, you can roam, talk with NPC, take quests, perform full quests, can fail in quests, fight with swords, do business You can upgrade your ship, and you can also make a connection with crew members (and some other NPCs). Love them, love them.

The main plot will have prelude and four parts. It's about 9 biz quests, but not with "some bring, kill someone" with different heads. Also, each of the 6 companions (crew members) will have their own story. By completing their quests you can increase or decrease the level of relations with each partner.

Developer: Sevenstown

Sensor: No
OS: Windows
English language
Style: 3D, Open World, RPG, Handjob
1. Extract and run.


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File size: 4GB

File type:software

File supported in:windows



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