Nano-control v0.14d(Update)


Nano-control v0.14d free download

Due to the deployment of your fathers you just went to Little Eden. No TV, no internet, no reception, when things were looking like they could not get any chance in a bad way, then a person would have given you an opportunity to rotate things and maybe a small piece of your paradise Can also be born.

Developer / Publisher: SmileDog
Artist: Ayakaawa
Version: 0.14d
Mind control, moral decay, corruption, impregnation, incest, sandbox, male hero, public use (optional)

-Jesus level 3 event
-Guene level 3 event
-Padlers in the class now sell items
-Jesus level 3 repeatable events
-Guente level 3 repeatable events
-Interior mode mode update, now the arousal level and the level of control will reflect!
And some miss fixes for bugs and glitches!

-You should not get stuck anymore Jace's level 3 quest after the butler catches you
-Jace will not make a shadow clone anymore

-Fixed some spelling mistakes

File size:197MB

File type:apps

File supported in:android



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