Sex Gods v0.11.2


Sex Gods v0.11.2 free download

This is a video game, the story of an ordinary person (human) who fortunately establishes a sex relationship with God and with the help of a little squat (dear), gradually become the god of sex.

Thanks to the skills you will learn, you can gain transformation, omnipresence, mental independence and mental control among others.

But there is a problem, that boy has a girlfriend who loves a lot and has to decide between letting go or introducing him to his new life and transforming him into a slut.

Developer: GuapoMan Patreon
Version: 0.11.2
Male hero, NTR, beloved, corruption, animated, cheating, hentai, deep throat, stunned bulge, golden rain, body writing, mind control, canings, fastenary

Of change:
Ben's message, continuity.
Ben's outdoor view
Ben's home map view.
New character Ben.
New character Clyde.
New character Xina
First new sex scene
Ben's main room.
Priority system
Advance through the main story
Two new sex scenes


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File type:apps

File supported in:android



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