Roundscape v4.1

Roundscape v4.1A free download

So the game starts in one of the 5 ways of your choice, in the end you end up in a small town and go on a quest to stop some evil.
You can choose your gender and there are some special scenes for each gender. The world of adrodia is full of danger, but it is also bold for those braves who want to find it. Visit the lush green forests, look at the fantastic dwarf city-states, and help prevent a terrible danger that can bring countless innocents to doom, as you go on your quest!
Of course, by the way, you will find ready to share other brave souls in your adventures, and maybe, your bed.

Developer / Publisher: Kaleo
Platform: Windows
Genre: 2DCG, Male Hero, Female Hero, RPG, Tentacles, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Group Sex, Adventure, Big Tits, Fantasy, Fighter, Excellence, Exhibitism, BTC, Futa / Shemale, MIL, Prostitution, Interracial , Innest, bookcake, titfuck, handjob, masturbation, rape, many penetrations, lesbian, demon, monster girl


1- extract the file at the desired location
2- Click on "Game.exe" to play the game

If your game is stuck on "Loading", be sure to move the Game folder to another location. This bug usually occurs when your game folder is downloaded or located on your desktop instead of your C / D / E harddrive folder.

cheat codes:
1700 - Super Speed
1819 - Gold
2931 - Skip Combat Skill


bug fixes
Secret Snowman no longer wins the result in an accident
Photos of Spirits X Female PC Now Photos are finally stuck
Men's PC X maid scene no longer gets stuck in photos
The new Succubus view does not repeat itself now
Nobel Original Dialogue Trees Fixed
New Quest - Glinda and her loyal companions are lost in the forests of Okshayr! Will you be able to help them? Includes a new erotic scene per gender!
New Companion Quest - Gaza helped fight the primitive animals back, because both of them go to the forests of Lauravia on a dangerous journey. Includes a new erotic scene. Available in Act 3.
Five new castles NPC you can recruit through new quests and encounters!
New encounter - Travel from deep forests? who could it be? Includes a new erotic scene per gender. Zante's companion is available after the quest.
New Encounter - Our Saxubas did something that he was not allowed and he wants more and includes a new erotic scene.
New encounter - Female PC path for Katelyn was added. Includes a new erotic scene for the female PC.
New Encounter - Your Personal Maid! Every castle needs someone, so that he can roam. This beautiful blonde maid will help you in all the cases. Male PC contains two new erotic scenes for Available in Act 2.
New encounter - Castle spirits!? Include a new sensual scene for the pregnant woman's pc.


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File size: 3.48GB

File type:software

File supported in:windows


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