Strange Gift v0.12 (Update)

Strange Gift v0.12 Free download

It is a adult game. There you get some magical power from Goddess.There you find  a city.Where you can make physical relation with that city's girls.

new material:
There is a new cosplay and sex scene with Olivia
By winning the game you get a better reward with the freeze.
UI improvements:

The game will not tell you now that you can not bring the darkness down to the level of darkness in the house, when you have brought the darkness to 0 or less. (A less annoying message)

The display of darkness in the lower right corner will now properly indicate the maximum dark level of a place.
Performance Changes:

Characters can randomly get the name "Mia"
The girls who are your slaves do not show you randomly that you have already defeated the darkness, unless it is because they work there (eg, a barrister in the cafe)
Darkness can not go down now -25
Even if you do not interact with a pre-nun, the church now finally unlocks - but the nun can still help you unlock faster.

The number of names you can get in the game is now set to 2.


New content:
Added "Easy mode". In easy mode, spells are easier to learn, and the effect of the dark on diminishing girls' lust diminishes. Mia's affection rises a little faster with drink orders. Several scenes with characters with a script are not available, especially those that hinder the game.
New character with a script, Isabella, a dominatrix, with her own special scenes.
A new Latin model, with all the renders, has been added to the game.
New renders have been added to participate in whip games with the characters.
Improvements in the user's interface:
The default text color in the office and group has been changed, which makes the information more readable. The background on which the small text appears in the library has become more opaque for similar reasons.
Changes in functionality:
The chances of the individual characters working for Loki have changed a bit.
The magical abilities of the scripted characters that work for Loki are no longer calculated at random, but are always higher than they would be if the characters were not.
There are no dominatrices without a script.
Opening the library early no longer causes an early appearance for Olivia.
Mia now appears earlier in the game.
With the introduction of Whipping, Spanking has become a little less effective; Whipping is more effective than whipping.
Code improvements:
The code has been refactored in several ways.

Developer/Publisher: Amaraine

1- Extract to the file from zip
2- Click on “StrangeGift.exe” to start playing the game
Male Domination,Male Protagonist ,BDSM, 3DCG, Bukkake, Cosplay and more


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File type:Software

Supported in :Windows

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