Take Over v0.10(Update)

Take Over is a game about corruption, where you need to be careful about being caught by the oppresive government. Mind control the people in town, use them and their influence in your favor, or put them to work to get resources and money, and finally take over.​


Claire, he'll be the manager of your club. You will be able to corrupt him in this update and prepare him for the new facility.
A special character has been added, you will see more about him in the story. It should be said, it will be more custom in comparison to other characters and will be in more depth figures for you.
Club added, a new feature, you will now be able to improve it and open it. It is not possible to assign the girls to work in this version so far, there are no incidents, but the main story where you run it is!
The last phase of Vera's corruption should be called a very long sight.
The next date for the Vera (if you have not corrupted it), then this route will be slower than corruption, because strong relationships are not created fast, especially when one side is a mad secret agent.
Exhibitionism training for Dimitriya.


Branka and Cynthia added the first two dates! If you have decided to go with love to Vera, you will be able to date both of them too!

Branka and Cynthia added corruption! If you have decided to corrupt Vera instead, you can also corrupt him after doing two work with him. The scenes are longer than the dates, because the love routes are slightly slower, even then, even if it is only 1 scene, but it has the same content volume.

Exhibitionism for Celia, Katy and Mirjana, with 4 scenes each, it would be expected if you want them to work in the club (not yet added)

Detects many bugs including intelligence bugs. Tried to test the game more, but since there are so many variables, there may still be some bugs around, so please report them!

Added a bunch of events in the club, which you can sit around and activate.
There are 9 events to join in MC, and there are 4 public uses (which will only be seen when you check the correct policy at Club facility). Apart from this, some incidents will only be seen when you made Nela polite or effective because BDSM stuff is usually more delicate. In the future, only subject-related events will appear, but this is just like teasing the diversity.

More than 120 new pictures!

File size:218 Mb

File type:Software (Windows)

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