The promise v0.25b(Update)

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Games name:The promise v0.25b


You played as a man aged forty who has promised his family a lot. And now its the time to make the promise real. You must work hard and make much descisions for your life. And it will have influence on the others, too.
You have some hidden stats for trigger some situations and stats how your corruption or the corruption of your wife. You must raise the corruptions and the relationships with your family to get some events and more.
The game will have different endings for each character. On many things you have influence with what you do. Many things are possible. You can have a affair, cheating, or live in absolute love with your wife. You can make her more open for other things and more. But be careful with your descisions it is possible that it get out of your control.

Content (over 190 new images, 5 new animations):
• Added the last waste event
• Adde more idle images and small events for the waste event
• Added the next step for the farm event
• Added the first shopping tour
• Replaced the complete images for the fourth waste event
• Reworked the farm event after the second event. If you have played the third event it will be reseted.
• Updated the intro with new informations
• Added an information after the massage event, because it isn’t finish. It can be confusing that you can only have sex with your wife at 00:00 without massage
• Added an option after load your save to reset the event for your wife in the office if you didn’t trigger it and get finally a HJ
• Added options after reseting the farm event to hold your choices for the first two events
• Added that you can now see in the shop which things you have in your inventory
• Removed the maximum relationship limit for the visiting in your wifes office, in the last version, if you are above the limit you couldn’t trigger the first event
• Fixed the clock bug again and for the last time i hope
• Fixed looking through the keyhole of Lisa’s room
• Fixed different smaller bugs
Known issues and plans:
• Rework some images because of bad light or image issues
• Rework some animations because they are not so good


Content (127 new images):
· A new full reshuffle program (33% chance) was added for the unique farm program
· Some jogging events added
· Added the first office dress for kitchen scenes (if you buy it)
· Added next photoshooting with your wife
· Add some extravagant photos during sex with your wife (comes in 0.30 more)
· Changed some pictures in your office
· Has changed that the clothing store has closed on Sunday
· Changed the dialogues for the first shopping event with your wife, now you can better see whether the relationship or corruption has increased
Some changes have been made for the purchase event which makes it necessary to play it again (please go for it if you want correct variables)
bug fixing:
Fixed camera bug for dogstyle sex scenes with your wife
· Corrected the wrong picture of Lisa in the evening, she is in the kitchen
· Corrected sex, it should work now
Fixed some farm variable bugs
· Photoshooting script bug fixed
Known aspects
· Work again

· Emulate some animation

touch screen usage
swipe up&down to hide the ui
swipe right to start skipping of text
swipe left&right to toggle the quick_ menu
swipe 2x left&right to restore a missing quick_menu

File type: application

File size:346.3MB


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