Interns of Ecstasy Island v0.161(update)

Interns of Ecstasy Island v0.161 free download


You are a college student who receives an opportunity of lifetime for an internship at a time. You will work at a tropical island resort. After one night of drunken party you realize that you are turning into a woman. Train to work in various parts of the resort, check the reasons for your change, and maybe have some fun on the way.

Thread updated: 2019-01-28
Release date: 2019-01-27
Developer / Publisher: UsagiTripleSix
Censorship: No
Version: 0.161

• Fixed a long bug with additional menu options when the "Shrug" response is fixed.
• Defective arbitrage over jobs removed

• Restored 19 evaluation view on original day, but provided all job types.
• Check special work events so that the middle party is only one time and it is able to master.
• Switch back to the text window to hide during visual changes to get rid of the black bar that appears at the bottom of the screen.


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