Dark Magic v0.6 (update)

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*minor bugs,
*Extra work menu
*Airi corruption image
*location of Red place,

Removed ---->

* some unusual scene
*Item remove from shop that you bought already
*Book of shelf in your room that book you read
*Rebalanced item cost
Improved speed of some place
Bravery can be ignored little scenes if the character’s corruption is high enough.



Minor bugs
- Fixed missing name references.
- Fixed Yasu's level of corruption does not increase.
- The corruption level of the fixed waitress does not increase.
- Fixed Kana does not open his mouth while speaking.
- Added and modified dialog
- New feature added: "Magic Note" (What to do)
- Added and changed images of Airi's room (new rendering style)
- Added "About" in the main menu.
- Added "Fix-Replay" for Red's "Absorb Magic" scene.
- "Credit" updated in the main menu.
- "Join us" updated to main menu
- Girls enrolled in girl's corruption list
- Missing Boom Memory of Updated Array
- Missed BOM memory of Kimiko updated
- Replaced game icons (Your soul is mine)
- Night darkness at night
- "* Knock *" message was removed before entering the room of Airi or Momoko.
- "What to do" menu was removed in the living room.

- Removed "Quit" button from any PC version.

+ Update system and content:

Now, the replay of the scene will show its name instead of "Jack".
Now you can read the Book of Memory at midnight.
Added new video and cool music in the main menu.
Added keyboard input cancel button.
Added the "Wait to click" indicator to speak in dialogue.
Redesigned talking speech appearance.
Appearance of the redesigned options menu.
Redraw all the map icons.
Redesigned user interface interaction.
Remade Day 1
Added Airi morning event.
Added practice drawing with Momoko.
Added practice drawing with Momoko & Airi.
Added 2 morning events Momoko.
Added 5 events in the castle.
Added room Sada.
Added events of the Sada room.
Added scene of magic eye Sada bathroom.
Added martial arts training scene Luna (Kimiko letter search)
Added morning event at Red Place.
Added by calling Hanako (Flower Fairy) in your room.
Final soldier's final test day (longest event ever).
Meet 2 new characters.
Rerender all girl's headshots in corruption statistics.
Rerendered + Peek at Extra Airi's room.
Rerendered dinner with scenes of Airi.
Rerendered Living room bg scenes.
Rerendered Living room speaking scenes (Talk to Airi / Momoko).
Rerenderou Momoko going to the bathroom scene.
Rerendered Momoko's bedroom scene.
Rerendered First night on the scene of the red place.
Rerendered Taka first know the scene.
Rerendered Taka house dinner.
I performed the Yasuko workplace scene.
+ Update memory book:

Memory Airi +1.
Momoko +4 memories.
Sada +2 memories.
Kimiko and Kimiko +5 memories.
Hanako with +1 memory.
Memory +1 special.
Red Witch and Ruriko +2 memories.
New Page: Nana +2 memories.

- Estimated playback time for the update (V.0.5.1-V.0.6.0): ~ 3 hours.

- Estimated game time for the entire game: ~ 13 hours.

- myname (your new name) Ex: myname F.Lord => Change your name.
- addmoney (amount) Ex: addmoney 1000 => Add your money.
- resetmana # Set Mana amount to 100%
- nextday => Increase day.
- maxall => Max your state not character's corruption.

Use it without '-' in "Code" menu.


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