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The House Party Game (which is currently available for free on the below mentioned site) is similar to many browser-based games, where your choice influences your success because you go ahead in the game, but it plays like the first person RPG with interactive game model, character and physics, like the above holiday suit Larry. My inclination is to take these games in a very rigid direction compared to the LSL series. The game will be foul, mature with language, nudity and sex, but hopefully it will be just funny and attractive. Although I'm working on gameplay mechanics right now, but for some purposes it is not yet a part of the story for some purposes. Although there are many storytelling and different results depending on your decisions.

Updated: 2019-03-04
Developer / Publisher: Eek! Games
Censorship: Optional
Version: 0.13.0
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English


adv, 3d, striptease, animation, flash, simulator, all sex

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "HouseParty" to start

In the original story: Patrick began to implement the following opportunities: Patty's striking similarity, story time with Patrick, Genie in a Brettel
In the original story: Rachel began to implement the following opportunities: turn up, Benedict Brahnhold
Added new character "Leah"
• Floating hand (control arm) removed in favor of a new right-click interaction system
• Most pickup-able items in the home are optimized for use with right-click options
• Added "breath" effect for Leah, Madison, Stephanie, Amy, and Rachel, (eventually everyone will be featured)
• Physics were added to the bits of Leah, Madison, Stephanie, Amy, and Racquel (will eventually be featured in all characters)
• Added Leah to main menu screen
• Added "Compubrah" environment
• Added Vape model
• Added music dock model
• Added MP3 player and headphone models
• Added Garbage Can Model
• Keys added to a ring model
• Added magazine model
• Added face Patrick
• Avatar image added for Lea
• Save games will now be compatible (starting with more than 0.13.0 versions)
• An audio pooling system was created to increase performance
Rebuild story maker data to be more user-friendly and intuitive
Official stories and translations are now kept in the Game Data folder. (Mod data remains in documents)
• Fixed an issue where background clans will not play in custom stories
• LOD system was created for Leah, Madison, Stephanie, Amy and Rachel (enhances performance. Eventually all characters will be ported)
• A problem was fixed, where the backbone of the background was not working properly
• Added background crap delayed for various events
• A problem was fixed in CSC where an error would occur when adding a new value to the fly
• Fixed an issue with female mating meter Recharging very fast
Modifying the position and size of some redirects in high-traffic areas, to reduce the possibility of highly automated revolving events being sent to Nzs
• In the original story: An issue was fixed to stop Madison from facing Ashley at the end of Madison's "intoxicated and disorganized" opportunity.
• In the original story: At the conclusion of "Siebling Warfare", an issue may be an issue to stop the player's "recharge" bar following an intimacy with Ashley.

• In the original story: An issue that can cause sexism with other NPCs or use its post-intimate lines / events due to "single actions" made by the player in Ashley
• In the original story: An issue may be fixed for Ashley to go out of her room to engage with the player in the intimacy related to • Ashley Warfare or Smooth Operator.
• In the original story: While moving through Ashley's Prank / Sibling Warfare Path, it was thought that slight changes in bubble time and appearances
• In the original story: An issue that can cause a player to spoil the "recharge" bar, after the player and Ashley are caught spying on Derek and Madison, if the player is making himself strong on time,
• In the original story: The player can not interact with the slider door for some time during the conclusion of Madison's intoxication and cluttering opportunity
In Original Story: Using Microwave with Coffee After Fixing the Microwave Now, an old / confusing inspection does not send text messages.
• In the original story: Some bold lines related to those who are not intended to speak "for speaking", the player will not now force Rachel to play the player if the player is out of sight line
In the original story: Various curves appear more easily to create content of Rachel's courage, and reduce the occurrence of some incidents.
• In the original story: Rascal's dare to stop those circumstances has been recreated the different scripted aspects of the material where savings and loading will break its behavior altogether. Rachel should now either a) Reset the current courage on him or B.) Continue to dare to continue progress while saving the game.
In the original story: The player can not talk to Rachel now, while he is making himself happy ... without at least the consequences

• In the original story: Minimal adjustment to create new 0.13.x / patric-centric content to work with Rachel's existing DIA content
• In Original Story: A minor discrepancy between Amy and Catherine improved during the background Chuter exchange
• In Original Story: Reflected spawn placement and methodology for all NPCs, which previously used different and frequent Warpotov events for the newgim positioning (when the game starts, to cut the random objects on the floor. Should help, or NPC appears to be tilted towards each other, etc.)
• In Original Story: A handful of typo set in Madison's story
• In the original story: An issue was addressed which could cause Patrick and / or Derek to pursue consistently after Frank, if the player awakens the franc, then he gets out in specific circumstances.
• In the original story: An issue that can cause Catherine to get out of the master bedroom, while the player is following Ashley drunk and disorderly opportunity
• In the original story: the discovery of "training day" should now fail if the player makes a wrong dialogue option with Vicky before his Hot Tub intimacy sequence
• In the original story: An issue was fixed where Frank could attack the player when he was given thermos to Rakel, even when he was consoles
• Modifying the position and size of some redirects in high-traffic areas, to reduce the possibility of highly automated revolving events being sent to Nzs
• Tweaks for the NoLoitering system to reduce CPU usage in some situations. Will not run even within the first 30 seconds of the new or loaded game
• Thirteen new moves added outside the home for use in stories
Added 'Cancell' submission to use with WalkTo console command. Can be used with one letter or 'all' characters
Added new console command: 'timecale'. This allows the user to slow down or speed up most of the mechanics and sequences in the game outside the audio clip / voice acting. Most properly used for a detailed overview of waving cocks.
Customized physics calculations


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