La Douche [v0.15]

La Douche


"Imagine you were invisible, what would you do?" Well, do not imagine more!
This virtual reality experience will allow you to experience that!
Really, have not you thought about it?
This is a virtual experience in which you can become an invisible and omnipresent being inside a bathroom with a very hot girl preparing to take a shower.
The player can move freely inside the room using the keyboard or a game controller
Full-head positional tracking
Prepared for Oculus Rift CV1 (requires SteamVR)
HTC Vive Ready
Ready not VR
3 fully animated girls
Option to personalize the girls.

Update thread: 2019/03/23
Game update: 2019/03/22
Developer / Editor: ZnelArts
Censorship: No
Version: Beta 15
OS: Windows / PC
English language


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File type:software

File supported in:windows



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