Ways of Life v0.4.8d(update)

Ways of Life 


You play as a young man, whose father had recently died mysteriously. You need to find out what happened to with your father .But meanwhile, you can able have fun with girls and even discover your father how to died!....


- New system!
- The engine will now work with your O.S. The date of the clock, which means the different month of the day can trigger different events
- Added official Linux support
- Some cutscenes in high quality rendered again
- New character approach action system
- Added XXX Kitchen Moira + Vicky + Sasha + MC View!
- Xmas Moira bedroom added
- Xmas Vicky Bedroom
- Xmas Sasha bedroom
- Xmas MC bedroom added
- Christmas kitchen cutscenes!
- Fixed all known bugs
- Italian language added
- Added Russian language


-Main plot progression: Tara Introduction (new character)
-Main plot progression: Bethany and the Demon Goddess
-Now you can play with sasha on the pool!
-Fixed all known bugs

-A big part of the base engine was re-coded\edited.

Most interval fixed in the game
Scripts updated, game should not crash now
Static stuck images on background
New event on Sunday: all shopping at once
Added XXX cutscene for Moira
Added XXX cutscene for Sasha
Added XXX cutscene to Victoria
By slowing down the code, the game should be smooth

UI more responsive (still need some time to click twice, we are still inspecting this issue)

Developer/Publisher: RALX Games Productions

Fixed all known errors.
Reduced the delay
Fixed support for Android 8.0
The compatibility with the latest version of Mac OSX was corrected (you must trust the application of the game from the configuration)
Added a set of dates for Moira.
Added a set of dates for Sasha.
Added a set of dates for Victoria.
New dates added: Restaurant
New locations for added dates: Cinema
New opportunity: now you can fire Moira from the appointment.
New opportunity: you can now dismiss Sasha from the appointment.
New opportunity: now you can kiss Vicky from the date
New XXX scenes added: Moira in the cinema
New XXX scenes added: Vicky in movies

New XXX scenes added: Sasha in movies

MONMON = $9999

GURLZ = level up all girls to 100 except Bethany


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