Mythic Manor v0.9(update)

Mythic Manor v0.9 free download

Updated v0.8.0
Music and sound effects for the whole game!

Four songs were added to Myth Manor by Cursoron! (Some are still in progress and will be added to future updates).
Also added a bunch of free-to-use songs.
Music / atmosphere was added to locations and events around the world.
Added non-crappy and crappy sound effects (sound effect by wet-tiger).
Lots of repeatable events! (More incidents occur when you take the girls up)

These girls are accessible in the rooms (day / night), some work places (afternoon), pool, late night in your room, etc.
25+ odd events for manor girls
25+ non-shocking incidents for the manor girls.
2 events for Z
even more!

A new multi-girl event.
A new Sunday event.
A speed button has been added for all repeating events, which allows you to increase or decrease the animation speed.
A music gallery was added to the PC.
Added a different volume slider for different sound effects.
Added new monthly wallpaper and a holiday themed wallpaper.
When it is in the bathroom or pool, an option is added to return a girl to her room.
When he was sleeping in his room, the option to awaken the panorama was added.
Animations and scripts were updated for Fanora's frequent BJ event.
Changed the color of some areas at night (eg MC room, hallway, etc.).

Changed the requirements for some special events (things made easier)
The day of the week limit for Z grade 11 was removed.
Change the default images of Naira to your room (refine).
Improve many old signs
After viewing the scenes in the gallery, level restrictions were lifted in some Sunday incidents.
Better menu options with colors
An increase in image cache size to help optimize animation performance.
Rise rollback of 40
Fixed Fanora and Naira's multi-event so it looks right in the gallery when Fix gallery kills the button.
Removed the news feed completely.
Many changes in code to make future development easier
Other common qualities of improving life during the game
$ 20 + patent name added to PC
View Gallery Updated
Walkthrough updated
Other minor improvements and adjustments.
Android icon fixed

v0.9.0 Patch Notes
New main events for Esther, Fanora, Naira, Nefari and Velle.
New main event for Jade.
New extension added to the beach location.
Added more interactions with girls on the beach.
Added interaction with the park bench at night.
Esther's locked PC folder is now accessible (with a password).
Esther's spare key can now be found.
Added a cameo character (Misty).
A whole series of new characters have been created (most are event-specific).
Created new event-specific areas.
The new monthly backgrounds added (February and March).
The background of the 1-year anniversary has been added.

Some new versions of songs added by Corsairon.
Other new event specific music added.
New sound effects added.
Added $ 20 + user names to the PC.
Updated hints.
The scene gallery updated.
Updated official walkthrough.
Added the part Future text to the walkthrough.
Adjustments made to the game menu.
Fixed some minor bugs / spelling errors.
Improved the formulation of a dialogue.

Other fixes and adjustments.
Developer: Jikei
Censored: no
Version: 0.9

Operating system: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android


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