Powered Stranger v0.7 (update)

Powered Stranger v0.7 free download

"Powered Stranger", a dating simulator that definitely does not take place in the Power Rangers Universe. In this parody game you will be a stranger in the TV-show deadline and your mission will be to tempt female rangers.

Developer / Publisher: Z-Wave
English language

1- extract  to enter the desired location
2- Click "PoweredStranger.exe" to start the game.

v0.6 "The Cat's Cradle"
CAT's storyline continues
Two sex scenes added in Kim's plot (for a public and only mentor version)
Animation has been recreated in all sex scenes of Kim so that they look better now
Some small story parts were added in Kim's plot
Reduced the transition between scenes and removed the change in menu for a better experience
A better system was created to work with Kim's naked sprites, which makes the game cause less space on your hard drive
The reddit button now links to the stranger community instead of the profile page

Added three sex scenes to Step's story (two public and one to cartridge version only)
Added a fun scene to Trin's story where she wears her Ranger suit
Completed history of Kat (without the adult parts)
Spiced up animation game even longer
Changed some variables, images and settings to make the unofficial Android port look more like the PC and Mac version
Changed the main menu background again (because why not)
Fixed a visual error that caused the zoomout animation after kissing / hugging to fail
Replaced the two icons that show Kat in the damn or very damned state because it looks better this way


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File supported in:windows


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