Raven's Quest v0.0.3c(update)


Thread updated: 2019/03/30
Release date: 2019/03/18
Developer / Publisher: PiXel Games
Censorship: No
OS: Windows / Mac / Linux / Android
Language: Engagement
Organizations Optimization, Female Hero, Oral Sex


- New place: Pagan Math Visit this mountain.

- New place: Public bathroom Visit Tail.

- New Enemy: Wolf Mountain and jungle

- New main character: Eliana Meet him in the forest. Get her trust and friendship, ask her to go with Raven.

- New News:

cat girl
Towel (suitable for bath only)
- 2 new animated views

- Now Raven gets dirty with cum on different parts of his body.

- Now, "Ghost Hands" will be shown on Raven, when it is being grabbed.

- New animated base under raven. (Future optimization)

- Many insects.

- Small changes in some menus

New scene: kisses
New scene: cunnilingus
New attire: Submissive BDSM (up, down, feet)
New attire: BDSM Domme (up, down, feet)
New attire: 80s (up, down, feet)
Pregnancy in the upper and lower part (can only be equipped during pregnancy)
New "base": Dungeon.
New game system: Pregnancy!
Raven can now get pregnant if she is not careful enough!
Raven's belly will grow over time. (She will only be able to equip a special upper / lower part during pregnancy)
She can consume a special potion to avoid pregnancy or another to double the chance that the Annlab will cumlab.
Do not worry about the children! The Lustein hospital needs new babies to give in adoption every day!
New store in Story: Annie's Cumlab. Talk to Annie in the public toilets to unlock her.
New event with Susan. Raven can now talk to her in the public baths and start a new event with her. (Raven submissive requirement)
New event with the handsome adventurer. You can talk to him in the woods while you wear Domme's costume.
Now Raven can equip the top of the micro bikini while working in Steve's pub. New scenes and small events will be unlocked with customers and Steve.
Now Raven can: Kick Steve in the balls! If you do not like Steve, you can deactivate his content when you use the BDSM boots after he has already tried something with Raven.
Improves the exploration system.
There will be two exploration options on each map with two different colors: Green and Red.
Green exploration: Raven will always discover a new place on the map until everything is discovered. Raven will not find any enemies while she explores in this way until she discovers everything.
Red Exploration: Cuervo will explore more dangerous places. She can find treasures but she will surely find enemies on the way.
Improved the first discovery of the North Gate of Cuento and the mountains.
Now it is easier to continue the search to discover the mountains.

Raven can now discover the North Gate of the Tale simply by exploring (GREEN)


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