Red Pill v0.15

Red Pill


A science fiction thriller game xxx!
Have you ever thought about the fact that your whole life can be predetermined? What happens if there are no coincidences and destiny, this is not a fiction? And what would you do if you could control the lives of other people?

The protagonist of the game is a common office worker who likes to spend time with girls, in a strip bar or in a movie. But his life is changing dramatically when a mysterious organization comes in contact with him. You will get great opportunities and you can decide how to apply them. But in front of you they are waiting for secrets, conspiracies and betrayals. And when performing missions in different ways, you can influence the development of the story and the lives of other characters in the game.

Some features
A deep science fiction story.
Stories vary from your decisions
NPC memorizes your actions and builds your attitude towards you.
Many beautiful girls for meetings
Gradual development of the hero.
Regular updates with new content.

Update thread: 2019-03-27
Release date: 2019-03-27
Developer: Vortex Cannon Entertainment
Censorship: No
Version: 0.15
SO: Windows
Language: EN / RU


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File type:software

File supported in:windows



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