Retrieving The Past [S02E01 v2.1.0]


Retrieving The Past Remastered [Season 02 Episode 01 v2.1.0]

You play years ago as Team 5 Intrusion Unit, a former captain, handsome, fit and capable Jensen Winchester in Army Rangers, but now the successful owner of his own business, the Weinster Security Company You have many homes, a successful company, and amazing colleagues, and it seemed adequate. But something is happening and life is going to be complicated, and somehow this is all about the events that have gone wrong in the past. 

Somehow you are going to expose things so that you will be buried, you will not even know that you have forgotten them. As soon as you start to regain past, things start to thrill.

You will play a linear points based game. In this game, you will meet some interesting people, but overall warm women. There is action, love, lust and porn in it.
Current: Series One, Episode 1-6 (remaining)
Working on series two, episode 1

Developer / Publisher: MrKnobb
Censorship: None
Version: Season 02 Episode 01 v2.1.0

v1.6.0 Fixed

3 Spelling mistakes and one animation


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