Sisterly Lust v0.18(update)


Sisterly Lust v0.17.1 New pc Update free download

As long as you live in a different part of your country, your parents divorces when you were very few and the family was separated after a fierce fight.

Your mother took her three daughters home You have not seen your family since then and have not made any effort in communication, but now, after their sudden death everything has changed.

During his father's funeral, he asked if you would be ready to go home with him again. You hesitantly said yes ...


Days applied to 29th and 30th
Day 27 and 28: Grammar and spelling correction, thanks bombo
Day 28: Fix Alena as Alina
Day 28: Fix sleepover bug where you can not get a threesome / forearm after staying with Alina
Day 12: Correct Rachel to look like an asshole
Fix ScrollWheel in the Extra Views section
Potential fix for Android startup crash, courtesy of the66

Fix Quick Menu Visibility


Day 28: When you want to share ANA, then fix the threesome / FORMS
Day 29: Fix out sexual encounters with Mrs. Smith
Day 30: Check relationships for Rachel's relationship with Bella

This clears some irony for those players who are not in a relationship with Rachel and saw him at the end of the latest episode and allows players to enjoy Mrs. Smith instead of just seeing a black screen.


Implemented on days 31 and 32.
Day 30: The bowling scene was modified to adhere a little to the rules of the game.
Day 30: Added an additional render during the bowling scene.
Day 28: Fix Aline> Alina
Day 29: Regression arrangement of Mrs. Smith's morning scene.
Day 15/16: add pauses after panning images
Add a better input mode to name characters (solve the Android problem)
Add delete buttons to save / load screens
Add the ability to save names

Add button to hide the interface on Android devices

Day31: Fix Adriana as MC's Name
Day31: Fix swapsy responses at the end of discreet session
Day31: Set Ticket Variables after going to Rachel, Unblock Concert on Day 32

Day31: Fix Alena while referring to the concert at the end of her booty call.
Days implemented 33 and 34
Day 32: Correct the Words
Day 28: Fix the worsening condition during sleep
Day 15: Fix continuity issues in two renderers (thanks to Abby Siyuto for giving them space)
Corrects spelling and grammar, thanks for Hideouz
Save and fix input autofocus on character name modal

Fix hidden interfacing on Android device
This is a test version
In the updated version, these views should trigger for Mrs. Smith:
- When you are on the discrete path and do not go to concert with Rachel, the event should start from 32 days and continues during the early days of the morning 33. So if you do not get it during your last play-through, you should start with a savings just before going to day-32.
- You are on the discrete path and went to the concert with Rachel, the event should take place during the 33-day night, even if you go to Lija

- When you only have a romantic relationship with Mrs. Smith, there will be a scene during the day 33, even if you go to the hijab

Developer / Publisher: Perverteer

Genre: Incest, Anal, Lesbian, Corruption, Voyeurism, Masturbation, MILF, Group Sex, BDS and more

[official will be added]
Mrs. Smith / Susan appears in the additional scene, using two of her largest assets to benefit the MC for more than $ 15.








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