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On a small island nation, in the far future, a crisis has not arisen. The number of students graduating from school has declined sharply and the university's place is incomplete. The Government is forced to implement emergency measures to face the possibility of massive unemployment and potential economic disaster. All the students of over eighteen who had failed or were fired from the school, they had to be forced to return to education in many special facilities.
In Headmaster you play the role of an expert in young adult psychology, who have some unique ideas about dealing with this crisis. After performing your principles in a teacher's conference, you are contacted by the agent of a mysterious organization. He invites you to interview for the post of Headmaster (Principal) in one of the newly established schools of over eighteen years old. Curious to accept yourself and your principles gladly.

Using your unique disciplinary methods, you must transform the entire school of hardworking young women into hard and obedient students. Things will not be easy for you. You have to win your colleagues in your favor, meet the unusual demands of the owners of the schools and deal with a troubled government inspector.

The error was corrected by which you could not talk to Miss Chang the first day.
An error was corrected whereby the game was blocked after inspecting Priti's underwear.
Fixed bug where the view changer buttons were still showing after Debbie's first whipping scene
An error was corrected whereby the game failed if you rejected Mister Wilson's request to take Priti nude photos (keep in mind that the search ends here for now, more in version 0.3).
Fixed a bug where a uniform inspection could not be done in Charlotte.
The error was corrected whereby some events were not recorded as they were on the playback screen.
Corrected the error that required a number of statistics points different from the indicated one (for change of rules and sporting events).
Several typographical errors were corrected.
Added character information sheets for April and Emily (for previous saves will not appear until you start a new day).
Character notes were added for the nurse, Donna, Liz, April and Emily (for the previous saved, they will not appear until a new day begins).

Developer: Altos and Herdone
Style: 3DCG, animated, BDSM, beating, corruption, humiliation, male domination, sex toys, handjob, oral sex, masturbation, gay, fuck, Voyeur


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