Business of Loving v0.4.5(update)

Business Of Loving v0.4.5 Free download

You play as a young man.You will go to a town,where you bring a house for your living.The owner of the house is a sexy woman .Whose name Lorraine.She has also a little daughter.There have also one character,she is your neighbour.Who have own farming field.You can work there and earn money.How to make close relation with them......

Developer: Dead-end
Language: English

Genre : Masturbating,big boobs,Night sex,blow job, jerk of and more



New character; Officer Ramirez!
Help the new agent Ramirez catch her perp and make her career,
or help her discover her slutty side like a call girl on the street ...
There are a total of 18 Hscenes this update and a brand new animation!

There are several paths to take with Ramirez, either vanilla route or relegation route, along with the dress up mini game at the end.
Each contains the new animation series.

A new part of the map can now be explored, although for the time being only the police station is available for interaction.
What's new?!
Added the winning scenes of the survey!
3 new scenes for the route of Lorraine.
1 new set of animations of Lily.
Kimberly degradation path added ..! ~
7 degradation scenes in total.
1 scene of Patty.
Talk to her in the bathroom, then try again ...
Fixed the Spankbank to add Ramirez; Scenes from Lily and Kimberly's Degrade.
Corrected a bit of the map to change from day to night correctly.
New cheat code!
Maxes all RP points for everyone, except Ramirez. (Due to coding problems, it will be solved later).

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File type:software(Windows supported)
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