Camp Pinewood v1.8(update)

Camp Pinewood


You arrive at Summer Camp Pinewood, and feel that you are the only man here.
Camps filled with beautiful girls. Your goal is to find out what is going on in the camp and how to lay it.

- Animations are now playing correctly
- Gwen and Frankie's requests are fixed
- Fix a few GUIs
- The new game starts from the beginning like the first
- Return of Stephanie, Raven and Starfire
- Return of "military", "pajamas party" and "lake monster"
- Fix ambient music

Now I am working on a material update for Camp Pinewood. This will bring more story and events more improvement. Thanks for your support!

Developer / Publisher: Waltman
Censorship: None
Version: Unity: 1.1 Ren'py: v1.8
OS: Windows, MacOS, android


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File type:Software

File supported in:windows



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