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Since your parents were aware that you are taking a lot of time to watch porn, so they decided to take action and do something about it.
Finally, they come to the conclusion of sending you on your Uncle Boat without a phone, TV and computer. You are not sure what happened, you have not seen your uncle for many years, your mother and seldom talk to each other.

Apparently, a few years ago he became a millionaire and has been living a wonderful life since then. He married Rachel and has two daughters: Clo and Emily The oldest, Emily, was born from the last relationship, I never saw her father. My uncle adopted Chloe a few months after marrying Rachel.

Once on board you will have to follow the new rules to stay on the boat and you will learn that they are the result of breaking. When you notice only stunning women on the board, you see an opportunity to leave the porn for something better! How would you achieve your goal? It is up to you.

Improved progress tracking system
Added tooltip when hovering over a star.
You can see what you can do and what you need to do to unlock the event.
GUI has been slightly improved.
If you disabled femdom, the femdom content is not taken into account when tracking the percentage of progression (%).
Changes in mechanics

Having reached the first frontier, the MC can no longer have a public construction, and it is not needed for Rachel.
New dialogues related to the “Payback” event during the dinner.
New weekend activities.
Night visit: Rachel will no longer enter the MC room in the middle of the night. If the MC needs to be punished, you should talk to Rachel after lunch to get the punishment. If you do not talk to her, Rachel’s tolerance will not recover. This makes it easier to control the severity of the punishment, but if you never go to Rachel for the punishment, you are more likely to go beyond the game.
You can order some items by calling Mr. Elwell’s personal assistant.
When MC reads a book, several new dialogs appear.
Existing events with new content

Rachel's helping hands

Chloe workout
Help Emily
Chloe's new punishment (new action in favor)
Linda's visit
Midnight bath
Aunt is wrong
New events

Sister rivalry

Asking for this
Emily Exam
No longer so safe
Emily's second toy
?????? (I don't want to spoil this name, echo.)
Bug fixes and others
Various code improvements.
Fixed some missing renders.
Fixed several triggers (they did not block the progression)

Developer / Publisher: TheGary

Genre: 3dcg, main character, oral sex, vaginal sex, humiliation, male domination, spanking, BDSM, voyeurism, lesbian, anal sex, female domination, group sex, incest

Less "beating after effect", you should be able to make Chloe more often. (Maximum of 7 hours between each spanking.)

Fixed a game crash that could happen during the new "fast beating". (TypeError: for unsupported operand type (s) - =: 'Unicode' and 'int')


This will be a wide changelog. This way it can be bad if you do not complete the game then you want to avoid reading. Unless you think you have a bug, you have a bug. As you might have seen, this is the first time I am putting new material in a patch. It felt like a good opportunity to try something new. I was battling the idea of ​​how to apply this update while being fair. The patch should be ready for tomorrow or the next day.

bug fixes:
*Emily swims during Ely's cleaning when you unlocked her performance level 1.
Errors of some clothing during truth or Dare.
*While entering a room during Clo or Emily's sentence, Rachel was catching MC and the render was wrong. If Rachel is busy with Chloe or Emily, she can not enter you in other rooms.
*When Susan enters Chloe's spanking, there were some clothes issues.
A 1 hour button has been removed in some places (Bedroom, Linda's office, bridge, ...)
*At dinner, Rachel will talk about Emily's homework when she fails.
When you asked Clo to do his job, Rachel knew somehow about it, it is not like that anymore. To reflect this change, there is a new view after breakfast.
*The first time you do the event, the flashlight is not usable, add a dialogue line to make it clear.
Package delivery was causing much confusion, now it will be distributed soon. During the day in your room, after asking Charlotte for them, the item will arrive the next day.
*After the first milestone, it was impossible to trigger Rachel's handjob in the MC bathroom.
*"Hot tub happiness" stars and runs. It was impossible to see some scenes in some circumstances.
*Emily's first blowjob was causing much confusion, a notebook entry has been added to this version. As soon as it is possible to unlock, the notebook will tell you what to do.
*"+1 hour" hotkey (w) has been used again, if you will not work in an event / conversation. Due to triggering or some unwanted behavior
*"Linda's Night Journey," it was never possible to see the first version of the incident.
 Important: Fixed bug that prevented progress with clo. You needed to wake him but he stopped getting sick. Load a saving with this bug, it should be immediately fixed. You will be able to talk to Clo and keep it going as normal. (You can leave the spanking but you will be able to do it again, do not worry;)
*Removed some dialogue lines about hairbrush.
*Spanking mark of fixed clone at 5 p.m. And at 6 a.m.
*Freeze a game that takes place during *Emily's bath.
*When a bug was fixed during MC shower, when it showed cloak, it was causing some strange overlapping issues.
*Some conversations about cloas were not starting properly. (Used Emily's position instead of Chloe)
*To enable or disable this event the night tour triggered was not working in some instances.
*During "Payback" Emily's face changed in the dialog box. She is no longer smiling;)
Fixed a bug in the "Event" window. Some *progress stars were considered complete when they should not have been.
*Asking "about your retaliation", sometimes the midnight meeting did not start.
*In Truth or Dare, once you agree to play by the girls, you can not repeat the invitation. A Notebook entry reminding you to go to the interior at 2:00 is also added as it happens.

New material in the game:
*Most sparkling traces associated with sex tournaments have not been enabled (over time, spanking marks will be added during sex scenes, they will have new events.)
*One thing with Chloe when he is in the corner of the interior.
*A missing render during the sex scene of *Linda in Hot Tub
*More talk than Amy.
*Render for the story about Emily's drinking in the interior.
*New and more advanced massage for Linda
*Talk to Rachel about using lotions on Linda.
*A follow-up conversation about Linda's nighttime disturbance (Aunt searches for mistakes.)
*New dialogue between Emily and Amy.



Sure, Rachel's 8p. The punishment was not being counted and in the morning there was another punishment.
Fixed Linda Scene on Rachel's return It was not adding it to the "spanked" state.
The final star of "Completing Linda's request" has been determined. If you have already seen it, it will automatically update.
Fixed display bug with the "Anal Training" progress bar is showing where it should not have been.
The first notebook of "Spend time with Emily" was not visible (it was not blocking the incident, 

you had to speak with Emmy)
New location: the island
More than 500 new complete images (without counting partial).
12 new events, including:
3 new events for Chloe
3 new events for Emily
1 new event for Amy
5 more events with two or all three girls at the same time, including the longest game event so far (in terms of image counting)
In addition, the new update has:
4 different endings for the week of the island, depending on what you did during the week. (this is in addition to the 12 new events, without double counting)
The possibility of returning to play the week once finished or return to the yacht.

Several changes and smaller additions (including the correction of impossible stars).

Thread Updated: 2019-04-11
Release Date: 2019-04-11
Developer: TheGary 
Censorship: None
Version: 0.5.2
OS: Win, Mac, Linux

Language: English

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