Lukes way v0.10 (update)

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The road to Luke is a story about Luke that went into a new city for a better work and better life. She manages to find a job, which is L.P. On his first day at work, he will be invited to a welcome party who performs a large scale orgy.
After a few days, his boss admitted that he liked Luke for the first time and he started a romantic relationship. She offers her a big role in her company and a free pass for fun with other girls.

Developer / Publisher: Evil User
Genre: Male Hero, Straight Sex, Lesbian Sex, Harem, Crap Festival
How to install in pc:
1- extract the zip file
2- Click "Lukesway.exe" to start the game

- 1 new event with Ella
- New Christmas event with Michelle
- 2 new repetitive programs with Michelle
- 1 new character Michael
- New GUI Applicable
- Too many text fixes

- 3 new events with Ella

- 2 new characters: Giani and Lorenzo
- Lorenzo's event ends
- 1 new event with Desiree
- 1 new event with Michelle and Rachel
- A new small event with Rachel (if you do not have the opportunity to open its path)
2 new small events with Michelle
- 1 new event with Jeanette
- 1 repeat event with Jeanette
- 1 new character: Raquel
Phone app with call and signal system

- Implemented map with 3 starting locations (2 of which are separated by rooms / floors).
- From now on, if you need to talk to someone, you have to go to their place to do that. For example: if you want to talk to Carrie at work, you have to find her at work and talk to her, the same goes for Melissa and Michelle.
- 2 new main plot events.

- The hint system has been updated to help you read v0.10 content.




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File type:software

Supported in:All windows
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