Lukes way v0.11 (update)

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The road to Luke is a story about Luke that went into a new city for a better work and better life. She manages to find a job, which is L.P. On his first day at work, he will be invited to a welcome party who performs a large scale orgy.
After a few days, his boss admitted that he liked Luke for the first time and he started a romantic relationship. She offers her a big role in her company and a free pass for fun with other girls.

Developer / Publisher: Evil User
Genre: Male Hero, Straight Sex, Lesbian Sex, Harem, Crap Festival
How to install in pc:
1- extract the zip file
2- Click "Lukesway.exe" to start the game

- 1 new event with Ella
- New Christmas event with Michelle
- 2 new repetitive programs with Michelle
- 1 new character Michael
- New GUI Applicable
- Too many text fixes

- 3 new events with Ella

- 2 new characters: Giani and Lorenzo
- Lorenzo's event ends
- 1 new event with Desiree
- 1 new event with Michelle and Rachel
- A new small event with Rachel (if you do not have the opportunity to open its path)
2 new small events with Michelle
- 1 new event with Jeanette
- 1 repeat event with Jeanette
- 1 new character: Raquel
Phone app with call and signal system

- Implemented map with 3 starting locations (2 of which are separated by rooms / floors).
- From now on, if you need to talk to someone, you have to go to their place to do that. For example: if you want to talk to Carrie at work, you have to find her at work and talk to her, the same goes for Melissa and Michelle.
- 2 new main plot events.

- The hint system has been updated to help you read v0.10 content.
- Changed back free to VN style.
- 2 different morning events with Beth (the first is Beth's only path and the second is Beth / Rachel's path).
- 1 event with Krysten.
- 1 new camshow with Iris.
- 1 new night event with Rachel (for those in Rachel's way).
- 2 night events with Beth (1st It's Beth's only way and 2nd is Rachel / Beth, but it depends on the choice made at the beginning of v0.11).
- 3 night events with Rachel (the first depends on the choice made at the beginning of v0.11, the second and third depend on the choice made at the end of Beth's night events).




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