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Is it a ugly game that features character with strange characteristics, some men, some ladies, some ... characters? Do you play as a feminine girl that looks like a girl, and you guys, gals, monster guys, monster gals, and ... are not things piled with slimes? It's a stable-based RPG and a nasty programmer, an artist, a writer - in which the Mozalis team wrote, pulled, and a blank suspicious number (es? Odes?) Programmed by us all, two! It is a custom built game using libgdx.
The new Harpy has been added to the face
New aristocrat helper variant
There is a different game on the scene

Add Story Mode Orc Run View (a big one, check it out)
Orc Doggy faces facing the industry
Yoga minute aur animation
Slim animation has been added
Added Lewd Schoolgirl Alternative Animation (schoolgirl scene)
Changes and bug fixes:

Permanent Story Mode Fort and other facing appearances
Placement of the permanent story mode map
The button is not selectable before the button is visible in the main menu

Version: - Quarter of March weekly
New features:
- A breasts size option has been added for character customization (there are still no visual changes)
- The volume of semen now increases based on lust
- State effects now have a duration and a magnitude, although all states based on duration are currently set to degrade
- Sex animations now play multiple variations during the battle, notably in the Orc Pronebone animation and the new Warlock Doggy / Pronebone animation
- Animations can now apply several masks at once, configuring for appearance combinations and things like changing Hiro's hair / eye color or accessories.
- A little more virginity tracking - orc and centaur virginities
- Added support for neutral status effects
- Now you can also press "D" to finish character customization

New content:
- Added Warlock Anal animation.
- Added new variants to Orc Pronebone animation.
- Added some additional lines in some Orc scenes
- A new combat dialog was added to several characters, including werewolves with knots and a nipple dialog
- More text has been added to be seated in the battle in the face.

Adjustments and bug fixes:
- A problem was solved by winning EXP after the battle (it may have caused other problems that have now also been fixed)
- The character no longer "moves" the tiles on the world map after an event is triggered
- Elemental of fire now has benefit of "Top"

- Fixed Kylira's loving screen.

Developer: Majalis
Current game version:v0.2.11.0


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