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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The Humbling Experience: Unofficial Ren'py Port v0.22.2(update)


The Humbling Experience: Unofficial Ren'py Port

Once a year, in the favorable city of New Brayne, a big event occurs: The Humbering Experience (THAX) is selected to participate in a select group of students and it is a great honor and in the right direction for developing One step is considered. Of young people During Thex, students will gather first-hand experience in all types of jobs and will move forward with the rest of the country without any doubt.

Thread updated: 2019-03-31
Release date: 2019-03-31
Developer: GreenGames
Censorship: No
Version: 0.22.2
OS: Win, Mac, Linux
English language

Day 2 competed:
1) Diner Job
2) comic work
3) police work
4) TV work
5) Work of the health center
6) Lifeguard work 1
7) Massage 1
8) Dress with Nadia
9) Fast food with Collete
10) Cinema appointment with Nico.
11) MaidJob 1
12) Homeschool 1
13) Dickson Profecy 1
14) poker game 1
15) Maintenance in Kelly's room.
16) Shower with Hinako and Lucia.

Day 3:

17) Session of Nico 3 (Nude Beach)

v0.22.2Bug and scene fixedDownload:

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File supported in:windows



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