The Personal Assistant v0.12(Update)

The Personal Assistant v0.12 Free Download


This game is about a successful person who spent all his life alone. But after an accident their independence deteriorates. It is so bad that he has to appoint a personal assistant for "help" in his daily life.

Developer: JL Creation
Style: 3dcg, Male Hero, Voyeur, Corruption, Oral, Age, Legs, BDSM, Sleep Sex, Gay, Anal, Incest

Version: 0.12

*Deleted stats required for RoutePicker
*Fixed many bugs with events.
*Gain 2 instead of 1 strength.
*Earn 10$ by working, instead of 5$
*Rescaled stats gained with all interaction with FC.

* RoutePicker removed from the computer (choose route before gamestart)
* Added to LoveRoute
* LapDance added
* Added a walk.
* Extended scene of Rachael Shower.
* Presentation of amber (age control)
* Animation of the amber game menu.

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File type:software

File supported in:windows



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