Where The Heart Is( Ep. 11 )[update ]

Where The Heart Is Episode 11 

Your mother died many years ago and your father has recently died (Happy Start, right?). You are returning to your childhood home to visit your deceased mother's best friend Monica and Monica's two daughters whom you grew up with
You have not seen them in many years. In addition to these three ladies, Play (friends, enemies, neighbors, stamens and "coffee-shop girl") will have many other characters.
Now ring the ring bell monica and the rest women are waiting ...

"Where the Heart Is" which is a first person POV adult adventure game. Many female characters (from primary characters and supporting characters) will have to dislike / romance / reject / reject (Remember: you can always reload)
There will be some small / main plot on the primary focus.
Some characters will be "cracked" easy / difficult and some relationships will be slow romance (or corruption), while others will have a quick emotional relationship (or rejection).

It depends on you how to get the necessary results


You must first get a point in game then you can use the cheat. Use UnRen to enable console.

Jenna = xxx
JennaL = xxx
Katie = xxx
KatieL = xxx
Monica = xxx
MonicaL = xxx
Zarah = xxx
ZarahL = xxx
Debbie = xxx
DebbieL = xxx
Lily = xxx
LilyL = xxx

Its the first name of the girl with the first letter cap, and for lust you must use a cap L like it is shown.
This also will work on any new girls that get added that gets points.

Ep. eleven
Developer  made some changes to my initial plans for this episode. I increased the focus on the three main characters (as I felt after 11 episodes, things started to slow down a bit).
The focus on the three primaries obviously affects the transmission time for the support cast, but it is expected to be balanced in the next episode. (Although Angel and Zarah make appearances)
Bella / Jolina / Lily / Debbie do not appear, but WILL be in episode 12 (where Elaine also makes her entrance)

Thread Updated: 2019-04-04
Release Date: 2019-04-03
Developer: CheekyGimp
Censorship: None
Version: Episode 11 
OS: Windows

Language: English


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