Zombie's Retreat v0.6.3 Beta(update)

Zombie's  Retreat v0.6.3

Welcome to the camp Zomi! A lush resort located in the center of Zomi Woods: This area is known for its beautiful sights and rich history. Looking for a place to go away? Camp Zomi's campus is full of fun activities! Take a dip in the cold water of 

Zomi Lake, go for a walk with friends at the REC Center, or take a fresh hike through our beautiful valleys. Your deluxe retreat is just a phone call! "

Zombie retreat is an action RPG in which a young person is involved in summer camping retreat. When the outbreak of a sudden evil spreads over the camp, a bonding experience becomes very wrong. With very 'strange' situations around this newly discovered danger, it is dependent on the player to save any and all survivors, while trying to escape in one piece!


Developer / Publisher: Siren's Domain
Version: 0.6.3 Beta
OS: Windows

2DCG, RPG, Adventure, Incest, Milf, Puzzle, Male Hero, Big Tits All Sex, Blobjob, Handjob, Dog Stylist, Hardcore Sex, Family Sex, Mother-son, Brother-Sister, Greed, Voyeur, Glory, Zombies

Added scenes:
Caroline Titfuck (w / Bra)
Caroline Titfuck (without bra)
Caroline sex

Added profile scenes:
Caroline fondle
* Leslie Fondle (coming soon, I want more time to work on this 'plot')

Extra work:
Photo of Cherry / Natasha (updated)
Caroline Sexy Photo

== History update ==
The focus of this update is on Caroline's story! If you have already completed Caroline's previous content, you will lose
slight dialog updates, but in general, you can resume where you left off without any problem!

== Old Town Explorable ==
The third and last important zone in Camp Zomi can now be explored! The Old City is the third section of the camp and
It mainly involves the content of the late game for the main story and certain characters. For now, it is INCREDIBLY incomplete with little
to do, but I thought some of you would like to explore it soon and it's good to have the whole loop completed on the map.

Stay tuned for Old Town to receive updates and improvements later!

== New article: photo album ==
The photo album is a key bonus element in which you can place the photos after the collection or, in the future, take them through the secret.
Objectives The goal of the album is to provide a 'collectible' bonus of in-game classes. For all new files, the story has
been updated for day 1 to receive the item. For any file transferred, the item will be added to your inventory when you are standing
outside the hostel.

This article will be expanded in the future!

== bonfires ==
The empty fire pits around the camp can now interact if you have Scrap Wood. Lighting a fire and sitting next to a
The adjacent tiles will slowly replenish your health. There may be more interactive elements with fires in the future!

== Updates for Scene Player ==
In B0.5, I updated the Scene Player to allow scenes to run more efficiently, which reduces blockages and loading errors. As of B0.6, all
The new and old scenes have become this new scene player.

The following older scenes have become Beta 0.6:

Caroline hj
Caroline bj
Leslie HJ (animated vapor effect)
Rachel Night BJ
Leslie Sex (previously only partially converted)

If any of these scenes do not load and you experience a black screen, let me know through the report error channel
in discord. It is something that can be fixed if necessary! This will be particularly important for players who play at lower levels.
final hardware

== Other changes misc ==
-Caroline's medical exams start now if she has suffered any damage (even if max hp = 4 or 5)
-'Critical health 'still means that 1 hp remains regardless of the maximum value of hp
- Small dialog updates / improvements to Caroline's original progression.

-Other changes / improvements misc

bug fixed


Spend time with Caroline and help find answers to the madness that is happening in Zomi camp!


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