My Secret Fever v0.0.5(update)

My Secret Fever v0.0.5 free download

You play like a normal delivery boy who lives with his parents and his two sisters. Hardly a day goes by without your ardent desire trying to get out. They are so beautiful and so weak ... Who can resist this amount of tenderness and sensuality on a daily basis? If your lust makes you cross the line and unleash your forbidden desires, will your secret fever disappear? The ball is in your court.

Developer / Publisher: CHAIXAS-GAMES
Censorship: None
OS: Windows - Linux - MacOS - Android
Language: English

1- Extract to the desired location and execute.
2-Then Find play ....

V 0.0.4 Change log:
- Added a new mission for Kevin (New event for Barbara and changes her short scenes;)).
- Added new event for Gianna.
- Added new character of Kirsten.
- Added new character of Babeth.
- New added event for Cynthia & Babeth.
- Added new event for Ruth.
- Two bitches were added in the RLD.
- New added event for the summer.
- Corrected location error.
- Optimized porn scenes.
- The corrected dialogs.

V 0.0.5 Change log:
- Added new short scene for Cynthia in the bathroom.
- Two new events were added for Eden.
- New added event for Jane.
- New added event for Barbara.
- New added event for Diane.
- New added event for Nadia.
- Jennifer, Mrs Russell and Annabelle (from PLUMP CITY) were added.


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Android (Phone and Tablet):v0.0.4



Android (Chromebook and Emulator):v0.0.4



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