My_cute_roommate bug fixed solve

Download this patch

Try this (button_screens)... I am not responsible for any damage :)
Put in game folder (where rpyc files with the same name are) as usual
If you want also try "other" ... but not tested (TV Store Animations jump)
Better to wait stable release ....

Old bugs present again in 1.3 beta , use the rpy inside old.rar
Game loop error when you submit document to Dean , you have only that choice in menu ->Goodbye added , college.rpy
Video loop when you see and enter during roommate exercises in the morning 8:00 , zarpodgl.rpy


Follow belowbelow text,

1.Download the game on first page

2.Download the bugfix From below link,

3.Extract both the game and bugfix
4.Open the bugfix folder select all and copy
5.Open the game and then go to game folder and paste Location where to paste is My_cute_roommate-130ex-win\My_cute_roommate-1.3.0ex-win \game

for the save if it's your first time download a save from someone and put in save folder but first you need make a new folder and call it saves and put the save file into save folder


you don't have to put it into this folder at all
AppData/Roaming/RenPy/My_cute_roommate1 folder

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