Parental Love v0.11 (update)

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In the game, you play the role of a person who falls with his wife Emily.
After your second child, Ada was born. You both went through the break up. Due to the addiction of your drug, the court ruled in your children's sole custody.
Fifteen years have passed since then and you have gone through many different rehab programs. Now that you are clear with drugs, you have decided to start dating Emily once more. Now you are dating him online for several months and your relationship is blooming. She is taking a new look for you and you believe that you can restore both things in the way they used to. You live in different states, but it's summer time and you've decided to meet Emily in Ohio. The game starts when you meet him for the first time.

- Added 7 days for Harem route
To say that you have no interest in Sophie for 5 days (it was inorganic and dumb)
- Fixed the language options not showing in the preferences


Half of the day added for Harman Road
Added to Ely Way
Added Brazilian Portuguese translation for all of Eli route
An experimental Spanish translation was added to the game (not necessarily continuing)
From the beginning of Day 1 some render was re-presented
Rewrite a few lines from the beginning of day 1

The last half of day 8 and more was added to the route of the harem.
Translation to Brazilian Portuguese added for half of day 8
An option near the end of day 3 was removed
Minor arrangements in dialogue since day 8.
 Developer: Luxee


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