Personal Trainer [v0.29](update)

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Personal Trainer is a story about a guy who lost it all (job, home, fiance) after a life of doing good for others. He found alcohol, of course, to be the answer. Lucky his cousin Sophie offered her couch until he gets back on his feet. As fate would have it, an exciting opportunity presented itself.

How does the game play out?
There is absolutely no grinding in this game. 

You will not have to worry about money, or character stats. There’s no reason for an adult game to become a life simulator which forces the player to brush their teeth and balance their in-game financials.
Are there any animations?
Yes! Version 0.1 includes 3 animations. Future updates will provide more animations along with the standard content.

Version 0.24
– 3 Sophie Events
– All Sophie apartment interactions re-rendered to reflect the progression of her story
– 3 Amy Events
– 4 Animations
– 2 new random interactions (both can be found early in the locker room)
– Added 2 strip shows to the strip club (One being recycled from a Hikari event)
– New location (Required for an event, no content available otherwise)

QOL Improvements
– Added Replay Gallery
– Added an optional tutorial for new games
– Misc. bug fixes

(Approximately 200 render and 4 animation)
- New Sophie events
- New Dani Events
- New Emmy saw many times at her house
- New Amy Locker View
- 2 new random interactions
- Added an option for MC to enjoy his conversation with the big lady in the locker room

- Fixed a bug where moving the time in a closed space did not open it

v0.27 beta
- 5 Sophie events
- 2 min events
Render around 180

- added pattern scenes
- fixed an Android bug

Error correction:
Maya was joining the gym before we invited her. Rude behavior arranged
The soccer mom no longer appears in the yoga room and on the main floor of the gym at the same time
The "Leave" option for Amy's locker error was not available.
Dani story event unchained
Amy's sexual animation during the story event is shown correctly again
Fixed the Mayan time tracker.

Jenna's tracking schedule updated for 2:00 pm pool.


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