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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Ataegina v0.3 (update)



You live in a world of magic and war, where there are many groups with different castes, religions, politics etc. You will take the role of a student of magic, you will learn mantras, history etc. ... will you use your skills for the good? Perhaps you will allow evil to go away? Or do not you care just with such things

Developer: Kthulian
Version: v0.3

3DCG, Magic, Fantasy, Male Hero, Cheating, Femdom, Interracial, Incest

v0.1.8 beta
140+ new images
Skill times changed
With skill, options are now a symbol to represent them
Added cheat (you need to start)
Added Incorrect
Continuation of story

v0.2.1 Beta

More than 100 images
New sex scene with variations and repeatable.
Continuation of the story.

Ingame music

Fixed "Emilia" and Necromancy icon bugs
Do not play Fixed Music
Fixed some typos
Some dialogs and images changed
Some sounds added

Credits added

Continuation of the story.
250+ new renders
3 distinctive roads
A status screen to see your relationships with the girls.
More sounds (At the beginning of the game)
Some screens changed (At the beginning of the game)

The information about the start of the game was changed to a welcome screen.

New combat system
Fixed some bugs
Corrected some gramatical errors

Note:No new story
Continuation of the story (All paths end at the same point now)
240+ new images
2 new animations with 4 variants
Changed over 20 old images
Changed the mouse cursor
Changed Allesterra college floor plans (new and old versions)

Other minor fixes and changes


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