Depravity v0.52d(update)

Depravity v0.52d Free download

In this game You Was a student of a famous university.who lost her everything for Bitcoin crash.After that he leave his university and and return home to stay with his mom and sister.You need to try to make relation with Jealous Sister and horny mother And also make old strengthen old bonds...

Nicole routes and events added. The final scene is a view of the bedroom.
All characters can be interacted with
The computer and its many capabilities have been added, check it out!
Navigation system, complete with map, and day / night cycle
Places such as resorts, bars and cafes have been added
One night's conversation has been added to the house

Amanda Route Added
New guests in the Premium Lounge
New phone and app
Search guide via phone
online shop
New image in museum
Profiles updated

It's bigger, better, and more depraved than ever. This is Depravity | DEPRAVED EDITION public release, and is the newest version of 0.52 including scenes that flow more smoothly, updated script and even more bug fixes. I have compressed this version even further for easier download, while preserving the graphical integrity and general experience. Enjoy: 300 images and 8 animations for Camille 277 images and 21 animations for Nicole 227 images and 8 animations for the two side characters Music Box in the Museum of Patrons New map location Many non-map locations Updated CG Gallery and Museum of Patrons Bug Fixes Walkthrough: Everything is now in the quest guide on Nicole's phone, except for Widowmaker, which is in the premium lounge of the bar.


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