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We all know the story: the hero comes from a humble beginning, beats the tyrannical dragon and heralds a new era of peace and prosperity. But here it is the other way around. Ravager is a game where you play a young dragon, determined to reclaim their birthright. To do this, you must build up your strength, bond with dark forces, evade justice and awaken your animal desires. The game currently covers the first two chapters of the story: from birth to the point where you claim a hole. It has a non-linear plot with many important choices to make (and fun to have) along the way.


Developer: 4MW
Censored: no
Version: v2.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Max, Android
Language: English

V1.2, "White Wyrmling"
New "friendly" scene added to the farm, which opens a new narrative route with the peasant.
Fangirl's VA joined your first night together. Aww yiss.
The VA of Sabetha was added to the meeting of the bastion.
The CG will now be displayed in the front of the scene, instead of behind it.
Side frame portrait added to desktop versions.
Added option to the Preferences menu to control when side portraits appear. By default, they will only appear during CG scenes.
Numerous small improvements in the descriptions and dialogues in Chapter 1.
The difficulty of saving the hunter from the centaurs has been reduced.
You will be asked if you start the game without enabling adult content.
Now you are warned that Chapter 2 will end when you find a den.
Princess Adeline has been given a quick makeover.
Dialogic transitions and character placement have been standardized.
Fixed broken sprite for Maelys.

Additional credit for the avatars of rinmarugames.com. Whoops

v1.3 Blue Wyrmling
You have more choices in how to treat the defeated wolf girl. Your decisions will affect repeat visits, as well as your story lines with Naho in the coming chapter.
A new scene is added when you return to the wilderness after you defeat Naho but have not surrendered to her pack.
When the goblin turns you on or the fangirl is your wife, you can now dump her in the worst way possible. This opens two new storylines with the fangirl.
A Charm route to emulate the rain has been added.
At the end of chapter 2 you get a new power. The power that you get depends on which of your core statistics (Power, Charm, Potential) is the highest.
An NTR content flag has been added to the Preferences menu, which is enabled by default. If disabled, Princess Adeline cannot be threatened due to your choices.
Many temporary CGs have improved their appearance.
Sabetha & Inej have had a makeover.
Mercenaries are a bit more diverse now.
Marginal improved the appearance of the overlay with "remaining days".
The overlay with the remaining days now disappears during scenes.
Quotation marks added to speech rules.
Standardized transitions for scenes.
Fixed storyteller for Centaur Alpha.
Solved (another) broken sprite for Huntress Maelys.
Fixed sprites of incorrect format repaired for Naho.
Fixed some missing speech rules for Naho.
Corrected path after hunting the cattle on the farm.
Countless small improvements to scene movement.


Development notes
Is here! To maintain the regular update cycle, I have grouped Chapter 3 into several releases, in the same way I did in Chapter 2. This initial version includes a sample of everything, but it is by no means the final article. I will be adding more plot, more waifus, more scenes, more hordes and more events as v2.x develops.
I recommend keeping a file saved at the beginning of Chapter 3, so you can come back later when new content has been added.
Compatible with saved files of v1.4 and later.
The story was extended until the end of Chapter 3, but it is not included.
The abbess, the drunk, the fangirl, the farmer, the merchant and the she-wolf can now be captured once you have a lair.
Mini captive interactions have been added. These will be significantly expanded later.
Issa, the kobold waifu trap, can be found.
The wolf tribe can now be recruited.
Now you can give captives to your hordes to increase their morale. Morality will become important!
A unique faction has been added to each different den. They plant unique missions, which can be completed in the next update.
Now you can build features in your lair.
Voice acting has been added for the drunk, Warlock Malagar and the Infernal.
Vira's character art has been added for palace guards, fangirl, farmgirl and drunk.
Animations of the Amon Ra characters have been added for Regent Balthorne and the palace guards.
The DP art scene has been added for the first night of Fangirl, plus a variant for captive interactions.
An orchestral variant of the dragon song has been added to the main menu, which will be activated after reaching the end of Chapter 3.
The voice acting for the dragon has been added. It can be deactivated or adjusted in the Preferences menu.
A "dragon voice" control and slider has been added to the Preferences menu.
If the voice of the dragon is activated, the flow of the game will stop to allow its lines to play.
The line of announcements of the powers of evolution has been temporarily disabled, until you have the opportunity to integrate them completely.
Bukkake framework extended to the drunk, fangirl and farmgirl.
The direction has been improved for the scenes of the regent.
The address has been improved for the drunk's first scene.
The peasant is a little more expressive.
Now you can go directly to the mine after receiving instructions or being accompanied by the merchant.
Solved another missing sprite for Maelys.
A capture option that appears erroneously in Chapter 2 was corrected.
Fixed the placement of sprites during a wolfgirl scene.
Content indicators corrected to return to the farmgirl.
The redirect was corrected after returning prematurely to Bastion.
Occasional typographical and grammatical errors.

And it repaired (with luck) all the many, many errors found by our wonderful evaluators in the alpha and beta versions.


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