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You are a new Mutant who has the ability to be immune to all other Mutant powers, including the girl with the deadly touch Rogue. She is intrigued and sensitive to your influence, so you can play nicely and show her the love she has missed or train her to become your lap dog.


(A bit risky)
Ok, this build fixes a few bugs, but it also fundamentally changes everything in a way that if it works as intended, none of you will notice it.

So hopefully everything will continue to work as intended. If you notice that certain statistics behave strangely, such as shooting too fast or not moving when you think they should, let me know. Maybe Thrans walks through your walkthrough and see if you get the same vague results.

But that aside, I also fixed an error that allowed girls to make a threesome with themselves, the "L_Intentory" bug, a bug related to the use of colognes around Laura, one error in the jiz cleanup code that could result in a weird stat swap, and some non-synchronized statistics in Laura's dating system.


Ok, so this could be complicated. I've added some new things, some kind of complicated stuff, and I hope they do not break down too much, although some saves may be affected. Let me know what the error messages are if they do.

The first thing this patch does is add more behavioral controls during the trios. This makes that if things start being relatively innocent, but then get dirty, you are more likely to give up a more shy secondary character, and in the same way, you should reduce the cases in which a second girl in a scene can get away with it when annoying a shy person Lead the girl without consequences. This is likely to lead to more scenes that end in failure, but hopefully in a deliberate failure that makes sense rather than in ugly crashes. : D Give me a comment on this, both the type of hard drive and the cases in which a scene breaks when you think it would have continued reasonably, or when you think you've gotten away with something you probably should not have worked with.

The second thing I added is that I significantly increased the combinations of things you can do with the "post orgasm" options in the trios. Now you have the option of the second girl cleaning you, and in any case, it is likely that both will help. Now you can also make the second girl clean up first, which can be fun. I have done some initial tests and I have eliminated the most immediate errors, but I imagine that there will still be some cases in which this can confuse things, so report situations in which, for example, the "wrong" girl seems to be in the lead after one of these actions or something like that. I want to add the ability to choose which girl to run, but that will have to wait a bit.

There are several other small bug fixes and bug fixes too.
to be added


Developer: Oni
Censored: no
Version: v0.983b
Operating system: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English

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