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Twist is a choice based dating sim / visual novel game. The game is real-time 3D games, you can freely turn around the most scenes and see the action at the desired angle.

Developer: KsT 
Censor: No
Version: v0.33 Final
OS: Windows

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v0.30 beta
-Kira's shower-scene texture mess.
-Billy with invitation on the beach
Jason said that Rebecca's husband is still at home after taking her out.
- Timeback rollback after clicking on the gate of Rebecca
Task Magazine is not working in some places.
-Rebeka and Keira now give scores in new scenes.
-Some grammar improvements
-Several other minor visual improvements.

0.30 final
After knocking the door of Billy's house, Rachel asked to come in, now you do not have the option that you go in and leave for bus.
Advanced camera control in Janice's cosplay in the beach scene.
-Scores are now shown properly in Kira / Julia's studio view and pool scene of Rebecca.
-Gen's "invisible" mess on the beach.
-Task's magazine updated
-Various visual glitches.
-No intro screen.

0.31 Beta1
- 6 new scenes.
- 3 new items.
- 2 new outfits for Janice.
- New feature: every Janice outfit can be adjusted. Custom colors / fluidity.
- New feature: Janice skin-tan system updated. The strength of the skin tone and tan lines can be changed independently.
- New feature: Janice can now wear bathing suits as daily outfits.
- Janice can now wear yoga clothing as everyday clothing.
- Janice with a very high score agrees not to wear clothes at home.
- Shadow quality improved with Ultra quality.
- Signs that have received updates:
- Updated locations:
Rachel's house (outside)
Rachel's bedroom
Home (outside)
Emma's house (outside)
Emma's living room
Jason's room
Bedroom (at night)

- Various bug fixes and minor adjustments.

v0.31 Beta2
-2 latex suits for Janice.
-The scene of Janice appears every time you go to the room at night.
-Jason and Janice are making a flaw in the park.
-The wrong position of Rachel in the scene "Sneak into the house".
-Problems with new suits (not shown in the inventory / buy the same article several times).
-The animations of "round # 2" of Emma.
-Various dialogue errors.
-Some other minor adjustments.

v0.31 final
-Janice skin tanned checks updated on the beach.
-Adjust the bedroom bed by default, error corrected.
-New underwear disappearing after reloading the game, error corrected.
-Updated task review.
-Various minor adjustments.

v0.32 Beta1
- 7 new scenes.
- 2 new articles.
- 2 new outfits for Janice.
- The progression of Danielle's camshow went back to work.
- Bedroom at Michelle's house added.
- Characters that received updates:
- Updated locations:
-The house of michelle
-Study (interior)
-Jason's room
-Julia's room
-The room of danielle
-The camera room of Danielle.
- Various bug fixes and small adjustments.
0.32 Beta2
-Various scenes with flaws in Janice's outfit.
-Danielle of the scene of the camshow progression bugs.
-Janice showing up at the beach failure.
-Multiple Janices in the pool failure.
-The texture of Kelly's lingerie has a problem during the break.
-Danielle and Jason appear during Kira, scene of Julia in the studio.
-After spying on Michelle, the day instead of the night, fails.
-Looking at Danielle's transmission from a PC failure.
- Accident caused by not having enough score in Danielle's room.
-Loose during the sleep scene. (If you have chosen Danielle without piercing, in the dream she will not either)
- Camera movement during the day scene in Danielle's room.
-Danielle still has tattoos, even if you have chosen her so she does not have it, glitch.
v0.33 final
-Janice's yoga suit changes to the default colors if it is not configured as her daily attire.
-Janice's tanlines are now displayed correctly in her nighttime visit scene.
-Kandra's night scene now gives +10 total energy.
-The camera can now move in Kendra's night scene.
-Kendra now does not appear on the beach before she is introduced to the game.
-The night scene of Rachel on the beach now scores.
-The task magazine has been updated.
-Various minor visual adjustments.

- Several dialog updates.


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